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Tintuitive™ window film designed with the intent of maximizing daylighting for the built environment.

It provides the perfect solution to achieving an optimal internal temperature and also helps to keep operating costs low.

It has been designed to achieve this without compromising views and the benefits of natural sunlight.

Cool performance with a different look

  • Rejects up to 98.0% of infrared radiation

  • Rejects up to 99.9% of harmful UV rays

  • Increases fuel economy by reducing the energy used to cool down the interior


Protection and safety

  • Lets in a high amount of light without sacrificing its infrared & UV rejection capabilities

  • Single piece installation method provides no weak links in delivering shatter resistance

  • Prevents glass from shattering when impacted

  • Reduces eye fatigue by cutting out glare


Heavy-duty robustness and warranty coverage

  • Unique adhesive designed to take all abuse of the sun's radiation that eliminates discolor & even bubbling problem

  • Scratch resistant


Made for the daily drive

  • Allows electromagnetic radio waves to pass through for use of auto gates, smartTAGs, GPRS system etc.


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