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Improve Safety, reduce glare


Increase Safety & Security by reducing the risk of injury in the event of glass breaking by providing an extra support mechanism against shattering. Tintuitive Transitional Films are also designed to hold broken glass together and have an increased resistance to penetration and tearing.

Reduce Health Risks from exposure to the suns UV rays, providing an effective "sunscreen" barrier for the operator, our window films block up to 99% of harmful UV rays.

Control Excessive Heat Transfer through the glass keeping cabins cooler, providing operators with a more comfortable work environment, reduction of heat can significantly reduce load on air conditioning.

Reduce Glare! Applying Tintuitive film will help to reduce dangerous glare from the sun or lights at night, this will help to operating machinery more safely.

Turn your existing ordinary industrial glass into transitional photochromic panes of glass that goes from 75% light at night down to 20% dark during the day.

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