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Our Smart Film responds to changes in light level and provides perfect solution to achieving an optimal internal temperature.

Tintuitive™ window film contains carbon-based molecules that change their molecular structure when UV light strikes them (and thus they absorb more light) and become dark. Similarly, in the absence of UV light, the molecules reverse to their original shape, making the glass clear once again. 



Here's few easy to do steps to apply Tintuitive™ window film to your glass:


Wipe down your glass using soft, lint-free cloth wet with a solution of one teaspoon of no-tears baby shampoo and one gallon of bottled water. Then, trim Tintuitive™ window film if needed with the utility knife so it's 1/2'' longer and wider then window pane you'r planning to tint.

Finally, remove the adhesive liner from the film and gradually adhering it to the window pane from top down. As you adhere the film, lightly mist the surface of the film with the leftover babby shampoo solution and glide a plastic squeegee in one direction across the surface to remove any trapped air bubbles in the film. Then trim the film with the precision knife and let the film cure for 48 hours.

Tintuitive Film Roll 5' x 295'