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Turn Ordinary Glass into Extraordinary 

We offer Insulated dynamic transitional glass units (IGU’s) or double glazed units that are a significantly more energy efficient glazing system  offers solar and thermal control, reduction of heat build up in summer, reduction of winter heat loss and condensation, lower air conditioning and heating energy costs, improves occupant comfort, particularly next to windows by reducing hot and cold spots, lower noise penetration, lower UV transmission, increased wind load strength, and increased security

U-Value - Measures heat loss through the glass unit in winter months. The lower the U-Value, the warmer in winter the room will be and with a 1.0 W/m2 K U-Value, this is almost 3 times better than a standard clear unit and 20% better than the USA’s best selling low E glass.

Solar Control - Helps reduce the build up of heat in the summer months, Tintuitive™ Glass typically blocks out 50% of the sun’s rays and offers 240% more solar protection than standard glass.

Warm Edge Spacer - Avoids heat loss at the edge of the unit, reducing internal condensation especially at the glass edge. Warm edge spacer is typically up to 950 times less conductive than standard aluminum.

Tintuitive Benefits2.png

Tintuitive™ - Blocks out 99.9% of the harmful UV rays that cause damage to soft furnishings.

Enhanced Security - An additional security interlayer within the glass holds the fragments together in case of impact, making it significantly harder to gain entry this way.

Enhanced Acoustics - For a quieter conservatory this option reduces audible sound by 40% more than standard glass.

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